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New Youtube Channel: eBettz

Today I started yet another youtube channel. This channel's purpose is a little different from the other one that I made for promoting my original music.

For awhile now I have been wanting an outlet for posting video clip of songs I'm working on, both covers and originals; instrumentals and vocal; mostly in the name of fun. I decided against inundating my other youtube channel with covers and the like for fear of convoluting it too much. When someone searches for my music on youtube I really don't want the first thing they stumble across to be a bunch of cover songs; that would send the wrong message regarding what it is I do. On this new channel I go by the name of ebettz, for lack of anything better. Now I feel I can post literally anything I want without worrying about how it may affect my work.

I really love learning and playing cover music, as many you guys already know from hearing my cover EP Weightless Embrace that was released in 2011. Learning other peoples songs has always been a great way for me at getting better at guitar and singing; there's always something new to learn from every song. Eventually these little tricks and bits I learn give me more to with when writing my own music. And sometimes I'm inspired to totally rearrange the songs I learn; working them into my own concoctions. It's also a great reference for me when I need to relearn a song I've forgotten.

For the most part this is sort of an experiment but I think a channel like this could benefit me in the long run on a few levels. For one, I'm constantly taken aback by the amount of views people get from posting cover songs even if the performances are terrible! Youtube has become great way for visually figuring out new songs and apparently there are millions of aspiring musicians who use it for just this. So in every video I post I'll be putting a link to my website in hopes that the new viewers that dig my sound will find their way to my original work through the songs I post here. 

Anyways, I know hundreds of great covers and I plan on pecking away at them as I find a moment here and there to record them. Like I said, it's in the name of fun; don't judge me too harshly on it! 
Hope you enjoy.