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my new love • 1965 gibson j-50

i want to introduce you to a new member of my inanimate musical family. about a month and a half ago i made the mistake of walking through the acoustic guitar room at austin vintage guitars. then I made the mistake of picking up this guitar. (here's my instagram post from right after). the sound absolutely bowled me over; there is something amazing about the sound of this thing. i played a pile of other very expensive guitars in that room and nothing even came close to it's 3D warmth. so for about a month i actually lost sleep, dreamed about it when I was able to sleep and generally agonized about how i couldn't afford it and how it was gonna get away... i've probabaly played 1000's of guitars in the last decade and this type of instant connection hasn't happened to me since finding my main guitar (alvarez yairi dy-84) on the rack at buckdancers choice in portland maine in 2002.

i wasn't in the market for another 6-string. i love my yairi, it plays like butter melts and she's a work horse with no issues and has a decent sound. this guitar has been everywhere with me; taken its fair share of abuse and has been there for the birth of every song in the last ten plus years. i mean... it's been loved. it has a hole in the front. those don't happen overnight. (except to poser d-bags with an orbital sander and a drill.)

in the back of my mind however i'd been trying to figure out how to get a richer guitar sound when recording. i have tried many techniques but it finally dawned on me that to get a better guitar sound you need a guitar that sounds better.

anyways long story long... one of the many friends who i blabbed on incessantly to about this guitar said, "it's your guitar you have to go get it..." that started me to thinking that maybe getting this is poissble even though i have almost no money to spare. so i sold some gear i wasn't using to afford the down payment and humbly asked a close friend if they could spot the rest. to my immediate relief and delight he agreed and i brought it home and haven't been able to walk buy it without picking it up.

fun fact - roy davis and slaid cleaves (both from maine and new in texas) have the exact same year guitar and model... weird right?

now that i have the best sounding guitar in the world i should be ready to start recording music again right? right you are...

stay tuned...