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Live at Lincoln's Videos

On 11/9/2015 the boys and I played our last show of the "summer" at the hidden gem known at Lincoln's located in the center of Portland. Maine that is.

By no accident the show was recorded and filmed; a good chunk of songs were actually deemed worthy of youtube. Imagine...

Anyways it was a fun night, and though not perfect, I feel we caught something worth sharing. We had a lot of fun and so did the crowd on that cold Monday night. I am beginning to learn that having some good fun is all that really matters.

For safety reasons I now have two youtube channels.
The first one houses my original music and videos that arne't slapped together in my bedroom.

The second one I call my "copy-write infringement channel". It is filled with any covers I do and really whatever I feel like doing. Anywhere from spontaneous iphone demos to some of these clips at Lincoln's.

Enjoy! We did.