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Get Your Box Set - Only 25 Made!!!

So I skipped making a "Greatest Hits" album and went right to the retrospective "Box Set". This is not something you'll see most independent singer/songwriters do I know… but I took a chance.

I've always been enamored by CD Box-Set compilations of the artists I love. There is something holy and finite about these compilations; all this great music in one place, the write-ups, the credits, the picture books and all the goodies that some of them came with. The art and packaging for me has sometimes meant as much as the music inside. 

I find something sad about the takeover of the Mp3s - not only is the sound quality completely diminished (by a factor or 98%) but all the great art and packaging has also disappeared into the ether. I know there are people out there who, like me, miss the various physical forms that all our amazing music used to come in. I mean, can you imagine downloading the Sgt. Peppers album and having to look at only a picture on a computer screen of ONLY the front cover?!? I've probably spent a few hours of my life looking at that album jacket alone!

The release of An Underwater Dreams marks five years since the release of my debut album Fine Old World. This make a total of 4 full-length albums and 2 Eps in five years (2009-2014). So this seemed like the perfect time for me to put something like this together.   

So this winter, as if I didn't have enough going on with finishing a new album and trying to find my footing in one the most competitive live music cities in the world, I decided to take on the monumental take of single-handily putting one these monsters together.  I'm not gonna lie, the amount of time that went into these things was staggering and the price tag in the end was two-fold what I thought it would be; after all I'm a musician, not a finical planner… But after many months of planning and working on these things they are finally done and if truth be told I'd do it all over again. I'm super psyched about the way they came out. 

Only 25 of set were made and thats all that will EVER be made - (at the time of this posting 6 have already been sold) -

Here's the basic rundown- (more details and information, including how to order, can be found here….)

Each actually comes in a handmade box with sliding top- 
Every box is autographed and number in its respective number in the the series of 1-25
My entire discography is on six repacked and redesigned CD's - there is also a bonus disc chalk full of songs that were never released on record. 
There's a full-coloer 16-page booklet of lyrics and credits.
I also include the DigiPak Cd version of the new album.
Plus there are other goodies and swag in there- 

When I win my first grammy these things are gonna be worth BIG MONEY so get yours before they are gone!