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Fine Old World Review - Downeast Magazine


Cd review in May issue of Downeast magazine
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It's a Fine Old World

Downeast Magazine  May 2009 -  Kathleen Fleury

Ray LaMontagne might be Maine’s most famous singer/songwriter right
now, but the state has a slew of young artists poised for future fame.
One of the most promising is Portland resident Eric Bettencourt, a member of the popular local trio Giraffe Attack. Fine Old World (Shadow Shine Records,, $9.99) is Bettencourt’s widely praised debut album. Featuring mostly
original tracks and one rare LaMontagne cover, Fine Old World meanders
through a range of styles and sounds, a journey punctuated by the title
track performed in three parts. Bettencourt’s raspy voice enchants
listeners on softer songs such as “Sweet Elise” and exudes personality
on the more forceful ones like “Uniform.” From bluesy rock to folksy
funk, the styles on this debut album demonstrate Bettencourt’s varied
influences — and his deserved place as a rising star in Maine’s music